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We pack your box full of yummy snacks and ship it right to your door. The snacks we include are all free of the top 8 food allergens!

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Dive right in matey! We focus on providing clean, delicious, allergy friendly snacks so all you have to do is open and enjoy!

Sharing is Caring

Treasure is best enjoyed when shared with friends! We reward you for referring friends to the TealMates Crew so don't keep it to yourself!

What you WONT find in our box! 



Tree Nuts






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CrunchMates Snacks

Snacks for all!

Our mission is to make healthy, allergy friendly snacking easy for everyone! Whether your options are limited by food allergies, dietary restrictions, or availability in your area, we think EVERYONE deserves to have high quality safe snacks at their finger tips!

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TealMates Allergy Friendly Snack Box

Every TealMates Snack Box is a treasure chest packed with 8-10 full size snacks. We work with brands big and small to bring you new snack to try each month! Each month’s treasure will be different, but will stay true to our mission of providing clean snacks that are free of the top 8 food allergens!