ABout Us!

Nice to Meet you!

Hi, I’m Amy! The mom behind TealMates! Those little cuties with me are Maverick & Carter, the original members of the TealMates Crew! 

As a mom, I always wanted to be sure I was feeding my kids healthy foods, but busy schedules could definitely make that difficult.

When my youngest Carter was born with FPIES, our new limited diet made finding healthy snacks on the go even harder! That is when the idea for TealMates was born. 

Now almost a year later, our mission is coming to life with the TealMates Snack Box!

Since that time, Carter has mostly outgrown his condition and we are on a much less restricted diet, but I am passionate about helping other families who are dealing with these challenges!

The truth of the matter is that our boxes aren’t just for those with food allergies. We think healthy, yummy snacks can be (and should be) enjoyed be everyone! Making each box FREE from the Top 8 Food Allergens is our way of sharing delicious snacks with as many friends as possible!

TealMates Family

Why top 8?

The challenge in our household was dairy, so why didn’t I just stop at dairy free? 

Along this journey, I found support from an amazing online community of moms facing the challenges of food allergies. What I learned what that so many of them had allergies to several of the top food allergens, not just one or two.

We believe EVERYONE deserves to have access to healthy snacks, so we set out on a mission to make that happen! We want our boxes to be clean, fun and safe for all! We love having you aboard with us on this journey! 

TealMates Logo

What's with all the anchors?

When I sat down to layout the foundation of what I wanted TealMates to represent, words like integrity, hard work, family, community and adventure came to mind. I sought the perfect image to embody those feelings. 

Those who know me personally know I have always been a bit of an anchor fanatic. My grandpa Richard Morrow has always been one of my biggest heroes, and as a proud member of the Navy, anchors adorned many of his most prized possessions. For that reason, anchors have always held a very special place in my heart.  He was an old-school family man, who always stressed the importance of hard work and integrity. 

Then it dawned on me, what better representation of those same values he instilled in our family then the very symbol of his beloved Navy. I am proud to wear a teal badge embezzled with an anchor to represent our company values, and we hope you are too!